Thurka Sangaramoorthy’s teaching philosophy strongly underscores the fact that anthropology is invariably an interdisciplinary field because anthropology’s accentuation of human perceptions and experiences greatly complements any other disciplinary field.  She believes strongly that the combination of disciplinary perspectives allows one to bridge fields and select from a variety of methodological approaches in various research settings, highly enhancing the contribution to multiple disciplines through the synergism and cross- fertilization of theory and methodology.

Dr. Sangaramoorthy has taught students in varying disciplines at Emory University, the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and the State University of New York at Brockport. She is also an expert in conducting trainings in qualitative research methods for public health professionals. At the University of Maryland, Dr. Sangaramoorthy teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in socio-cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, global health, and qualitative methods.